About environmental protection products – biodegradable plastic bags

General Secretary Xi Jinping presided over the meeting to promote the promotion of biodegradable products

About environmental protection products – biodegradable plastic bags

As we all know, China is now vigorously promoting environmental protection, especially white pollution here. Because of the white pollution inside the plastic bags, plastic boxes, plastic film, etc. are used in all aspects of our lives.

In order to protect the environment, some large-scale markets now use plastic bag purchase orders to reduce the use of plastic bags and promote environmental protection. However, although this plastic bag purchase order is being implemented, the amount of hair is twice as small as that for some people who are not environmentally conscious. The use of plastic products is still very large. Personally, if there is no plastic product that is convenient for us to use and can be degraded by 100%, white pollution will still be serious.

Nowadays, a biodegradable plastic bag has emerged. Its constituent materials are bio-based plastics extracted from corn, sugar cane, starch in cereals, sugar, etc., and plastic bags produced by this bio-based plastic can be buried. 100% degradation in the land.

Moreover, this plastic bag is no different from the general plastic bag, and has no plastic taste, only the taste of starch. It will be automatically embrittled and softened after three months of use. Without the need for departmental recycling, we can directly degrade this bioplastic bag by burying it in the soil. Because it is made of bio-based plastics extracted from plants, it can produce bio-organic fertilizer after degradation and improve the soil’s poverty.

There are many places in foreign countries, such as the United States, Japan, Australia and other regions have begun to use this biodegradable plastic products.