Biodegradable Drawstring Garbage Bag
Biodegradable Roll shopping bag

Biodegradable Black Rolled T-Shirt Garbage Bag

  • Material: PLA+PBAT+ Corn Starch
  • Size range: (25+6) X 30-(40+9) X 60cm
  • Thickness: 15 mic-70mic
  • Made from all natural and sustainable resources
  • 100% compostable, while maintaining the look, feel, and functionality of traditional plastic bags
  • Custom printing and sizes available
  • Packed into bags, boxes or customized package
  • Ideal for grocers, restaurants, retailers, events, and more
  • Acceptable alternative in areas with plastic bag bans
  • Easy and seamless operational transition from plastic to compostable bags

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Q: What’s the minimum order quantity (MOQ)?
A: –That defined in weight of each bag. The MOQ is 500kgs.

Q: Do you accept quantity less than 500kgs?
A: –Sure we accept. The quantity will be treated as sample order.
The price is higher than MOQ.

Q: What’s the sample cost? How many samples can you make?
A: –The sample cost is $75.00. We can make less than 10kgs samples.

Q: What’s the print plate cost? How many colors can be printed on?
A: –The print plate cost is $85.00 per color. Including print plate $70.00 and printing charge $15.00.
We can print 4 Colors logo at most.

Q: Will you refund sample cost?
A: –If place order more than 500kgs we will refund sample cost.

Q: What’s the sample lead time?
A: –5- 7 days

Q: What’s the production lead time?
A: –That based on our production schedule. The production capacity of shopping bag is 100,000pcs per day.

Q: Can you accept OEM design? What information need to provide?
A: –We accept customization of products and packaging.
Please provide clear design file or logo file.